CONSTRUCCIONES PEREZ VILLORA, a family business that has a solid structure and established a team made up of excellent professionals who are the main asset of our company. His ability and experience and material and technical means available to allow us to respond to any project, both construction and real estate with the highest quality and the greatest guarantee of success.

From the beginning, our main goal has always been to meet the needs of our customers with the highest quality, reliability and efficiency. This level of demand is ratified by obtaining ISO 9001 certified by APPLUS and the confidence that we have placed our clients, among which are the Generalitat of Catalonia, GISA, universities such as the Barcelona Autonomous Pompeu Fabra and the UPC, the Incasol, Barcelona Provincial Council, the Ministry of Development, etc.. as well as hundreds of people who have acquired the homes of our promotions.

Our clients are both public institutions such as the Generalitat of Catalonia Infraestructuras de la Generalitat of Catalonia, SAU, Pompeu Fabra University, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the INCASOL, Barcelona Provincial Council, the Ministry of Public Works Councils , BIM / SA … as private clients of the category and prestige as RBA Editores, the group field, MAZ Mutual or private Foundation Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau, not to mention and thank the hundreds of people who device his enthusiasm and trusted us through the years adquiritnt some of our housing developments.

Hamelin Internacional Laie
Escuela Hamelin 2ª Fase

Finally note that our level of demand and quality is ratified by obtaining the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 i OHSAS 18001:2007, certified to the highest quality, maximum respect for the environment and maximum safety in all that sat our construction processes, highlighting the inclusion of our company in the United Nations Global Compact, which fills us with satisfaction.